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Tim Luedtke
Owner, All My Ideas
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Tim Luedtke
Owner, All My Ideas LLC

Everybody was born to do something. Some people were born to be doctors, some lawyers, some people are never able to figure out exactly what that "something" is.

I was born to come up with ideas and solutions to problems. Not all of the ideas are million dollar ideas. And not all of the ideas are 100% original. But at the time I came up with them, I was not aware of any other person with the same idea.

Through the years, I have accumilated a list of around 60 ideas. I know in my lifetime I will never get around to pursuing or developing most of them.

So instead of just leaving them to die on a piece of paper somewhere, I decided to put together a website and post my ideas for the world to read. Hopefully, somebody somewhere will read one of my ideas and develop it into that million dollar idea.

If you have some extra time on your hands, you can review some of my ideas and rate them - either good or bad.

Thanks for stopping out today!

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